Inner Attunement

To attune means, to make aware or responsive; to bring into harmony.

Lasting personal change happens as inner awareness opens ways to respond to beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you. My practice is dedicated to being with you in your response to what you desire to change, honour, dismiss, clear, lose, or release. With the shedding of adverse beliefs, thoughts and emotions, comes coherence of body, mind and spirit. Harmony returns.

Harmony is the natural state of being.

In one to one sessions, through intuition and active listening, along with awareness of your own ‘felt sense’, we determine the beliefs and emotions that are causing your distress. Without becoming mired in the ‘story’, the persistent erroneous belief is acknowledged, and made obsolete and invalid.

And so we come together in new awareness of the Truth of who you are.

In Session With You

After a short check-in, I invite you to rest comfortably fully clothed on a massage table. Using gentle touch on the chakras, I ask you to repeat a statement that corresponds to the problem to be cleared. This is when my intuition and your felt-sense together address the problem area.

As we gain clarity about the emotions and beliefs, dynamic clearing of energy is set into motion.

In this supportive atmosphere your body, mind and spirit can relax, release and let your natural self revive and rejuvenate.

Your task is not to seek for love,
But merely to seek and find
All the barriers within yourself
That you have built against it.