What is Prayer?

Prayer can be as simple as a ‘Thank you’, a kind word, a feeling of gratitude, unconditional love. It can be a heartfelt assertion of peace for someone, or for a situation. It is purity of thought and deed.

Prayer is a way to tap into the field of Unconditional Love, the Infinite Life Force.

Prayer is a spiritual practice of a scientific law. Everything is energy including our thoughts and feelings. With our thoughts and feelings we set energy in motion.  With release we let Love lead the way.

In Prayer With You

In prayer with you I recognize the one Unconditional Love. I know and affirm the Truth of who you are; the loving outpouring of the Infinite Life Force in the form of you.  In love and gratitude your Truth and New Cause are spoken and released to let the best way for your outcome to be realized.

Prayer can help you feel and embody the Truth of who you are.

I’m here to remind you of your magnificence.
To help you awake to all the wonder that you are.
I long to show you all the joy you’re worthy of.
I’m here to remind you how much you’re truly loved.

From ‘I’m Here To Remind You’ by David Ault